Proofreading is a thorough reading of a text to correct the linguistic errors of the text: misspellings, grammatical errors, punctuation errors, word choice errors, syntax errors and typos. Proofreading ensures that the language is in compliance with the applicable rules of court writing.

Proofreading can also include correction of linguistic inconsistency, positional errors, typographical errors, set-up checks and formalia checks such as quotation techniques. In addition, an extended proofreading may involve a slight rewrite so that the text’s message is communicated clearly and precisely to the target audience.

What are spelling mistakes?

Spelling errors are errors in word spelling (orthography). There are many types of errors, but among the more frequent are the following:

  1.  Composition error: Analyze object, written language, heart transplant
  2.  Ending error: divergent perceptions, sorting the food, all the debaters, the semi-structured interview
  3.  Mute letters / vocal slipping: it’s unworthy, unrecognized, more expected

What are grammatical errors?

Grammar errors are errors that result from the incorrect use of the rules of the language.

  •  It goes downhill for the stock price
  •  Johnson published his research results in a leading scientific journal
  • In their response to the citizen, the municipality writes that …
  • It appears from some data that …

What are punctuation errors?

Punctuation errors are errors in the use of period, comma, colon, and other characters in the text.

  •  The discussion of which method is the best …
  •  The report points to several issues; groundwater pollution, CO2 emissions …

What are word choice errors?

Word choice errors are the wrong choice of words in the textual context.

  •  There is a …
  •  It contradicts the rules of court writing
  •  One whose uncertainty is perfectly natural

What is syntax error?

Syntax errors are sentence level errors, such as word position errors and link location errors.

  •   For example, the report has documented that …
  •   This is done to make the activity easier to see
  •   The interview was conducted after working hours with a length of about 30 minutes

What are printing errors?

Typographical errors are errors that occur unintentionally when you hit a wrong key while writing, such as typos, omissions, and grammar.