PhD review by professional reviewers

Proof of PhD thesis is one of our specialties. We are experts in academic review. PhD dissertations are assignments at the highest academic and scientific level. Therefore, the review must keep the same level. Professional PhD proofing is our metier, and of course we also read proofreading of the scientific articles that may be included as part of the PhD program.

Who reads the PhD review?

At Task Correction we have assembled a team of talented and competent reviewers. We read proofreading on all types of text, but it is the academic proofing that is the focal point and the central element of our proofreading portfolio.

There is a big difference between proofreading a 30-page bachelor and a doctoral dissertation of 5- or 10-double length. The language of a PhD dissertation is significantly more technical and subject-specific, and because the typical PhD student is a competent writer, the language is usually also more complex and advanced than in shorter university assignments.

Proofreading a PhD dissertation therefore requires a great knowledge of academic language and scientific assignment writing. And it requires a very well-developed language understanding to correct tasks with content that in most cases is foreign to the reviewer.

We therefore only use university-educated reviewers to correct PhD dissertations. Read more about the reviewers here.