Correct my assignment. This is how many people write when they search for a reviewer for their assignment. At Task Correction, we are experts in correcting tasks so that you have come to the right place.

We do all types of study tasks: Exam papers, bachelor’s theses, theses, PhD theses, master’s theses and all other study-related assignments, and we offer Denmark’s clearly lowest prices for academic proofing.

What is corrected in the assignment?

Proofreading involves a thorough reading of your assignment in order to correct the problem in accordance with the rules for Danish or English spelling. Comma rules are a challenge for many, so we’ve created a guide with 8 comma hacks that will reduce the number of comma errors in your task by 80%.

Whichever form of proof you choose, you can expect us to correct all the language errors of the assignment. The typical errors are misspellings, inflection errors, grammatical errors, punctuation errors and punctuation errors, ie incorrect use of commas and periods.

The task you get back is flawless – or at least close. Even a seasoned and experienced reviewer can overlook a few errors in a 50-page assignment. But we guarantee that 99 out of 100 errors are corrected. In an academic assignment of 50 pages, we will typically make between 1500-2500 corrections.

We also offer an extended proofing form, Proofing Plus, which not only corrects the formal language errors of the assignment, but also tightens up on inaccurate words and unclear phrases, so that the language generally becomes more fluent.

Low price is not the same as low quality. At Task Correction will deliver high quality every time. Read our reviews on Trustpilot.

A directed job gets better

In virtually all the assignments written in higher education, the student’s spelling and wording ability is included in the assessment. It’s not just something we say to promote the sale of our proofreading services. It says black and white in the Examination Order for both the universities and the vocational education.

The language always counts in the character you get, so it certainly doesn’t matter if you have 1500 or 5 errors in your task. A bad and flawed language can drag down, while a good language can pull up. If the censor is annoyed by many errors, it will also affect the censor’s assessment of the academic content.

That’s just how it is.

Who does the task?

When we correct your task, you can be sure that it is an experienced and educated person doing it. We have different reviewers associated with the company, and we always try to make a match between the subject’s professional field and the reviewer’s professional knowledge.

But we can’t guarantee a match. That would require a heap of freelance reviewers associated with Task Proof, and we don’t want that. We prioritize quality over quantity, and we prioritize that your reviewer is not a student who corrects in his spare time to earn an extra penny. It may be good enough, but a student will not have the routine and experience of academic language that we require of our reviewers.

We cover several languages, both Danish, German and English. So if your assignment is in English, we are also ready to fix it. Our English reviewers all speak English as their mother tongue.

You can read more about our reviewers here.

Want to fix your task yourself?

Professional proofing is cheap, but it’s not free. Correction of a thesis of 70 pages costs about DKK 1750 at Task Correction. If you cannot afford it, you can of course do something yourself to improve the language of your task.

On the page 5 tips for proofreading, you will find a number of tips on how to correct your task yourself. Unless you are a very good writer and you have complete control over the rules of spelling, you will probably never be able to correct all errors in your assignment. Many tasks contain 20-30 errors per day. page, and it is almost impossible to reduce it to zero unless you are a professional reviewer.

But less can do it too, and if you can reduce the number of errors in your task by 25% yourself, it’s clearly better than nothing.

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